Nvolv is a bespoke mobile application for conference organizers to push content and information, connect with attendees, and create an infrastructure for sponsors to leverage their brand


Lead Visual Designer



Alex Cagwin






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Nvolv is a native application aimed to  help convention, conference, and trade show attendees capitalize and maximize their experience. Features include a live feed of all events and social activity, ability to browse events such as talks and workshops and add them to a personal calendar, filter events by interests, keep track of new contacts, and access maps and guides to easily navigate the event.

Utilizing a variation of Google's Design Sprint, Alex and I worked closely with the client over a period of 2 weeks. Sean came into the office everyday, making the experience highly collaborative and fast-past. The first week was focused on intense product-thought, key metrics, and business strategies. By the end of the week we delivered 3 low-fidelity prototypes which were quickly tested by users, allowing us to rapidly iterate and try new ideas.

While I assisted the product team, my main focus was creating a branded system that could easily be applied to any conference or event. This simple UI pattern and typographic system is flexible enough to be utilized by a large number of corporate identities, whether it be a highly corporate conference like DreamForce, or a smaller more boutique event like SF Design Week.

After establishing and iterating on the wireframes and flexible band system, Alex and I spent week two in full production mode, moving quickly to meet our two week deadline. The product is currently launched and in full beta testing mode.

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